The ultimate festival essentials list: the fun, the cautious, and the necessary

You’ll forget some things, get jealous of those who didn’t, and swear to yourself that you won’t forget the next time.

Glitter, baby wipes, and duct tape don’t usually have much in common, but at a music festival these things become your best friends, especially if you’re camping.

Here’s the ultimate list of festival essentials, from necessary camping items to …

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How to organize a festival: tips and strategies to get you started today

How to organize a festival?

If you are looking for tips on organizing a festival, here are tips from Lollapalloza and much more!

Festivals are in fashion! No wonder people are seeking and enjoying personalized experiences like never before.

Every day of the year, somewhere in the world a date (or occasion) is celebrated in the form of an event. …

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