The ultimate festival essentials list: the fun, the cautious, and the necessary

You’ll forget some things, get jealous of those who didn’t, and swear to yourself that you won’t forget the next time.

Glitter, baby wipes, and duct tape don’t usually have much in common, but at a music festival these things become your best friends, especially if you’re camping.

Here’s the ultimate list of festival essentials, from necessary camping items to things that would make your mom proud of you.

The fun

Costume to dress up in

Whether you are alone or in a group, a fun costume makes the fun levels rise to the stars. Meeting people also becomes much easier.


Shine in all your glory like a true festival spirit, but make sure the glitter is environmentally friendly.

Face/Body Makeup

Cheerful colors are also the watchword, and masking morning fatigue might be a good idea if you like that sort of thing.

Water pistol

It’s going to be hot.

Flying saucer

Bring one of those that lights up, to play with at night.

Inflatable flamingo/pineapple

Good for when you’re in the audience. Maybe your favorite artist will notice you.

The cautious

Old clothes, with soft colors

In case there is a colorful party.

Baby wipes

This is a classic. Maybe not the first thing you think of, but any self-respecting festival-goer knows that baby wipes are a must.

Dry shampoo

You don’t need a shower for your hair to look (almost) clean.


You never know what’s going to fall apart at any moment.

Toilet paper roll

This one will definitely be missed, and the festival bathrooms will run out of it before the festival is over.


If you are going to a festival in the UK this one is essential, because the rain will give you no rest.

Guinness or red wine

Because these drinks are good (or maybe even better) when they are warm.


For headaches and the like.

Plastic bags/black bags

One of those things that will be needed more often than you think. And if you forget your poncho or waterproof jacket, a black bag with holes takes care of it.

Clothes springs

Rain = wet clothes = the ability to hang them up to dry if the sun comes out again = happiness.

Inflatable pillow

It saves space, is not difficult to inflate, and is a great help to sleep well. Of course, an inflatable mattress is also a good idea, but for that one you need an inflator pump.

Earplugs + blindfold

This one is for those who can’t sleep with noise and the morning sun pouring into their tent.

Camping chair

If you camp at the festival, you’ll end up buying a camping chair anyway. It’s much cheaper to bring it in advance and it will end up lasting longer before it breaks.


It’s hard to see in the dark.

Portable phone charger. Charged before you leave home.

Avoid sunlight charging ones, they are not very spinning.

Bandages for blisters on your feet

Safeguarding your feet is a good idea, but helping someone in the same situation (saving your weekend) will get you friends for life.


Small doses of orange magic, with Vitamin C, which goes directly to your vital organs.


Big hiking backpacks are better than a wheeled suitcase. And see if you can carry a smaller one for the audience/rec room.

What is needed

Festival Ticket



Don’t be a nerd and take it home.

Sleeping bag

Synthetics are lighter and probably more convenient.


Sleeping on the hard floor is no fun at all.

Rubber boots

The most powerful weapon of festival attire.

Socks up to the knee in case you wear rubber boots, but it can be hot

The ideal companion to the most powerful weapon of festival attire.


Only crazy people think they can survive without sunscreen.


Better safe than sorry guys.

Additional hygiene items

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, contact lenses + liquid (and glasses with their case).


Aviator, round or thick rimmed, any of them will do, as long as they look good.


Cap or straw hat, or both.

Clothing for all climates

Warm clothes, don’t let yourself be taken by surprise.

Cash or card

The more money you bring, the less you will have to wait in lines. But also take a card, because you will certainly need it. Leave the rest at home.

Unless the festival you are going to is cashless. In that case ignore the above and come armed with your wristband and a card to charge it.

ID document

Many festivals ask for an ID at the entrance, they should all ask for it when you buy drinks if you don’t look older than 25.


If you need to take something by prescription or in certain circumstances, for heaven’s sake don’t forget to carry it.